Since opening my first business in 1984, Dori Greenbaum of Into Ink Printing has been invaluable in providing fast, quality printing and design services that have helped my business grow and succeed.  She designed my first logo, marketing and administrative forms in such a way to reflect an image of quality to my clients.  And, as my business grew from 1 to 3 locations, Dori has worked with my managers, directly helping them maintain adequate inventory of supplies necessary for the smooth operation of our services. 


When it comes to pricing, Dori has shown her willingness to remain competitive while providing superior service and quality.  If she thinks what I’m asking for can be done for less with minimal ‘tweaks’ she will say so.  She is an expert in her field and is happy to brainstorm with me and make suggestions and adjustments to make it more economical; adjusting the size, type of paper and method of printing to trim costs.  This has been a real blessing during our current and past recessions. 




Jeff Lulla, President

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Working together to create the most cost effective way to promote your service or product


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